Founded in 2015, the Yucaipa Valley Wine Alliance is a non-profit corporation that has a vision to create a thriving wine industry in the Yucaipa Valley Region. 


Yucaipa Valley AVA Petition Accepted as Perfected


Yucaipa Valley Wine Alliance and City of Yucaipa Sign Historic Partnership

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How we are working to fulfill our mission:

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The Yucaipa Valley Wine Alliance works to raise awareness about the emerging wine industry in the Yucaipa Valley.


AVA Creation

We plan to create an American Viticultural Area (AVA) to serve as the backbone of our new wine industry.

Industry Growth

We work to pioneer & grow economically viable winemaking programs in the Yucaipa Valley. 


The Yucaipa Valley

Find out more about our beautiful wine growing region and why the microclimate of our valley is so good for growing grapes.


THe Benefits of a Wine Industry in the Yucaipa Valley

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Who We Are

The Board Members of the Yucaipa Valley Wine Alliance have a combined 50 years of experience in the wine and hospitality industry, and work everyday to push our mission forward. Meet the minds behind the Alliance who are dedicated to the transformation of the Yucaipa Valley and the growth of our wine industry.

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Supporting the Wine Alliance

Building our wine industry and transforming our region will take the support of our entire community. Become a member of the wine alliance, or donate and find out more about how you can help us fulfill our mission.