AVA Benefits

Creating an AVA wouldn't just be the basis for a wine industry in the Yucaipa Valley. This designation would create sweeping economic impacts that would tranform Yucaipa forever.


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Download the independent, 3rd party study about the impact of a wine industry in the Yucaipa Valley.


What economic impacts would an AVA in the Yucaipa Valley create?



An AVA not only creates permanent grape growing infrastructure in the Yucaipa Valley but many jobs. Just 5-6 would create hundreds of paying jobs within the city, and thousands of seasonal jobs during the harvest.

A Service Industry:

For every 1 job created in the wine industry, an additional job is created in the support service industry. The creation of an AVA would lead to hundreds of new restaurants, bakeries, delis, and businesses that would move to Yucaipa to support the wine industry.

Increased Property Values:

It's estimated that land values within the AVA boundaries will jump nearly 16% after the AVA is established. This jump will benefit all homeowners in the area, and create a larger tax base for the City of Yucaipa to better address constituent needs.


The wine industry is the #1 supporter of tourism in the State of California. If Yucaipa becomes a wine tourism destination, millions of people will visit the Yucaipa Valley every year, enriching our community and transforming our city for all time.

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