Capstone Project Yields Favorable Results for Yucaipa Valley Wine Industry

The Yucaipa Valley Wine Alliance has received the results of a 3-week long, non biased, independent study funded by the University of Redlands Capstone Program, assessing the viability of a wine industry in the Yucaipa Valley. After rigorous research by the 4 MBA students creating the study, the YVWA was presented favorite results.

“The Yucaipa Valley truly does have an opportunity to welcome and support a growing wine industry, culture, and economy,” concludes the study. “The special and unique properties of the region, if properly and sustainably harnessed by local vintners, can produce high quality grapes and wines that can compete at the highest levels. Large, multi-million dollar revenues, new direct and indirect jobs, and increasing economic value of the regions’ land and grapes all point to overall positive impacts for the local municipal, county, and state governments, the local residents, and to wine lovers everywhere.”

The Capstone Project studied a variety of topics, ranging from the viability of grape growing in the region, economic impact of a wine industry of various sizes, zoning, traffic, retail, parking, sustainability and much more. The project was created not only to showcase the economic benefits of a wine industry in the Yucaipa Valley, but also to act as a roadmap for local government officials to implement policies to encourage the growth of our nascent industry.

The full study is available by clicking the link below. We encourage all members and non members alike to share this study with those interested in becoming involved in the growth of our industry.

Special thanks to Lynnae Terpstra, Doug Turner, Victoria Fuentes, and Nicole Viramontes for putting this study together, which has already made a huge difference to the efforts of the Yucaipa Valley Wine Alliance.