Yucaipa Valley AVA Petition Accepted as Perfected by TTB on June 21st

The Yucaipa Valley Wine Alliance hosted its first Summer Gala on July 20th at the Yucaipa Performing Arts Center. Through a combination of ticket sales, live auction, and silent auction items, the YVWA was able to raise over $30,000 to help with our efforts to create a thriving wine industry in the Yucaipa Valley!

But the biggest announcement came from Craig Suveg during his keynote speech at the Gala. The Yucaipa Valley AVA Petition, after months or arduous work and revisions, has been accepted as perfected by the TTB. Immediately after announcing the momentous news, Craig received a standing ovation from the near 160 people in attendance at the Gala.

The Yucaipa Valley AVA Petition will now go to the rulemaking process of the TTB, and in the next 18-24 months it will be published in the federal register, and the Yucaipa Valley can begin submitting for label approval for “Yucaipa Valley” made wine.

The significance of an AVA for the Yucaipa Valley cannot be overstated. As of now, up to 15 percent Yucaipa grown grape is permitted to be incorporated into a bottle of commercially sold wine. A Yucaipa Valley AVA would allow up to 100% Yucaipa grown grape in commercially sold wine, and act as the foundation for future investment into a boutique wine industry.

Craig Suveg also announced the pledge to have 100 acres under vine by this time next year in the Yucaipa Valley, and discussed the overall trajectory of where Yucaipa is heading. “Our pledge to vinify the valley with another 100 acres by July 2020 is certainly attainable and critical. However, the most important concept to embrace is that we usher in the dawn of a new era in the Yucaipa Valley. An era in which our children have a reason to stay; because there is opportunity. An era in which an industry can be passed down from one generation to another with pride; enriching our community with artisan craftsmanship and permanent jobs. An era where art, science and culture are elevated to a higher level of consciousness never before witnessed in the Valley. 17 years ago, I realized the potential of the Yucaipa Valley. Tonight, we realize that this journey is the right thing to do for Yucaipa.”

If you would like to get involved with these efforts, please reach out to us if you have acreage or know anyone who may be interested in planting grapes. You can reach us at yucaipawinealliance@gmail.com.

Additionally, you can support our cause by donating to the Yucaipa Valley Wine Alliance, or becoming a member who supports our cause. Choose either by clicking the links below!