The Yucaipa Wine Growing Region

Located in the foothills of the San Bernardino Mountains, the Yucaipa Valley has historically been recognized as a sustainable agricultural area. Yucaipa is classified as having a warm, summer Mediterranean climate which closely mirrors that of Italy. 


The Yucaipa Valley is ideal for growing grapes because of our:


Because Yucaipa is situated at close to 2,600 ft, and can reach up to 4,000 ft at certain locations, the concentrated sunlight at these higher elevations is beneficial to help grapes reach peak maturity and flavor concentration.


Because Yucaipa is situated up in the foothills, we are fortunate to have soils that have good drainage for grapes to grow within.

Temperature Variation:

Yucaipa not only has warm days, but nice and cool nights with beautiful breezes in the North Bench and East End. Hot days, and cool breezy nights are a wonderful combination for growing grapes, keeping the grapes healthy and happy through the growing season.

Grapes are not water intensive:

Yucaipa has an agricultural heritage that dates back over a century. As water supplies in all of California are strained thanks to drought and climate change, grapes allow us to maintain an agricultural economy in Yucaipa without the water demand created by other forms of farming. 


The Yucaipa Valley Wine Alliance is dedicated to creating an American Viticulture Area (AVA) designation for the Yucaipa Valley, which would serve as a foundation necessary for a wine industry infrastructure.

YucaIpa's North Bench

The North Bench has already proven to provide a unique microclimate favorable to grape growing.

Yucaipa's East End

Yucaipa's east end, located in the elevated foothills, is another similar microclimate where grapes can thrive.


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