Meet the Board of Directors


The Board Members of the Yucaipa Valley Wine Alliance have a combined 50 years of experience in the wine and hospitality industry, and work everyday to push our mission forward. Meet the minds behind the Alliance who are dedicated to the transformation of the Yucaipa Valley and the growth of our wine industry.


Craig Suveg


Craig Suveg is the President of the Yucaipa Valley Wine Alliance. He's the Founder and Owner of Suveg Cellars, Yucaipa's first winery. Since the winery's opening in 2010, Suveg has received critical acclaim for his wines winning over 30 combined medals in local, regional, & international wine competitions. 


Preston Todd

Director of Viticulture

Preston Todd is the Director of Viticulture of the Yucaipa Wine Alliance, a YVWA program that helps members to vinify their land. He is the owner of one of Yucaipa's largest vineyards in the North Bench area of the city, and has been growing grapes for close to a decade. After the property is fully planted, it will be the largest yielding vineyard into the Yucaipa region.

Mike Stubbs


Mike Stubbs is the Treasurer of the Yucaipa Wine Alliance, handling all financial aspects of the non-profit. Mike has decades of accounting and business management experience, and currently handles many of the finances at Suveg Cellars. 

Tina Leuer


Tina Leuer is the secretary of the Yucaipa Wine Alliance. Tina and her husband John co-own a vineyard in Yucaipa's East End region with over 200 Cabernet Vines. Tina is responsible for the administrative ins and outs of the Wine Alliance, including everything from events to membership.

David Cohen

Board Member

David Cohen is an acclaimed Southern California food, wine, and travel writer. Appearing in notable publications like Inland Empire Magazine, the Press Enterprise and the SB Sun, David brings decades of wine and food knowledge to the Wine Alliance. 


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